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Interhouse Fest

Celebrating the relationships between the Hogwarts Houses since 2010.

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Harry Potter Interhouse Fest
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Celebrating the relationships between the four houses of Hogwarts

There's no friendship/pairing/polygon too gen, too rare or too popular for this fest. Nearly Headless Nick and Moaning Myrtle? Draco and Harry? Theo, Hermione and Blaise? Try them all. Shoot for the moon! :)

round eight (2017);
The Interhouse Fest celebrates the relations and relationships between all four Houses and all their students. We are a prompt fest, not an exchange. Everyone is welcome to prompt and anyone may claim one. All previously banned participants were given a clean slate in 2016 when your new mods took over the fest.

What do we mean by "interhouse"? All submissions must feature at least two members of different Hogwarts Houses, be it Hogwarts/Marauders/Founders era, cross-gen, next-gen or what have you.

The timeline for Interhouse Fest 2017 is as follows:

PROMPTING:August 5SIGN-UPS: August 21
ENTRIES DUE: October 31

All entries must be coded (especially fanmixes, manips, etc.) as all submissions will be posted by the mod account.

In the spirit of competition, cooperation and inter-house relations, we welcome:

all pairings (het, slash, femmeslash, threesomes)
all genres (romance optional)
all ratings (G to NC-17)
all submissions (fic, art, drabble series, fanmixes, manips, any combination thereof, etc.)
text-only entries (must total at least 1000 words)

But please keep all House sortings canonic. (ETA 2017: For the purposes of this fest, we have accepted the Sortings in The Cursed Child as canon.) That means: no Slytherin!Harry but you're welcome to sort unknowns to any House (i.e. Hufflepuff!Lily Luna).

Regardless of genre, all submissions must showcase two members of different Hogwarts Houses prominently. More than two is certainly welcome. Stories centered around the friendship between Harry and Hermione with a brief cameo by Draco, while terrific, would not be in the spirit of this fest.

♥ Submission Guidelines can be found HERE.


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Questions? Comments? Concerns? You can PM gelsey, katmarajade or email InterhouseMods@gmail.com.

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