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18 July 2011 @ 09:21 pm
Frequently Asked Questions  

Who can prompt or claim prompts?

Anyone! We do not discriminate. You don't have to plan on writing in order to leave a prompt; likewise, you don't have to leave a prompt in order to claim one. Each prompt can only be claimed once. 2017: With new mods came a clean slate last year! Anyone who had been banned prior to 2016 is welcome to sign up again!

What kinds of submissions are allowed?

Anything (art, fic, drabble series, fanmix, animation, comic, etc) is allowed, so long as they don't violate the prompt or break any of our rules. The only restriction we place is on text-only entries (i.e. fics, drabble series without accompanying art). There is a word count minimum of 1000 words.

In addition, photo manipulations (i.e. Photoshopped pictures of actors) will not be accepted as art.

Which pairings are allowed?

Whatever blows your skirt up! Het, slash, femmeslash, next-gen, Founders, Marauders, threesomes, moresomes, cross-gen, whatever you want! The only two scenarios we do not allow are: 1) explicit sex (NC-17) between an adult and a minor, and 2) sexual content between minors (age of consent in Britain is 16; therefore, characters must be that age or older).

Can we combine art and fic (or a fanmix and drabble series), or something else?

YES. Any combination is fine. The word count requirement only applies to text-only entries. If you want to include a drabble or drabble series with your fanmix, for instance, feel free to do so!

Why can't I make Harry a Slytherin?

Because he isn't?

In all seriousness, we welcome AU fics. However, we want to keep House designations in line with those given by JKR. Please keep Sortings canonical.

What about new canon sources like The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?

Due to the additions of The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, we will henceforth be taking a broad definition of canon. The Canon List has been updated to include this new information. We realize not everyone will agree with this policy, but there are plenty of other fests that allow you to interpret the characters however you wish. Polling last year showed a general preference for accepting new Sorting information given within these sources as canon, and your mods agreed. Thank you for your understanding as we adapt to a new and changing fandom universe!

What about tertiary characters we know nothing about?

According to the HP Lexicon, JKR listed Houses for many characters we've never met (i.e. Su Li is a Ravenclaw). For them, we request that you follow JKR. But for characters who are unknowns (i.e. Hugo Weasley), feel free to assign whichever House you want!

Okay, what about characters whose first name is only given in the video games? (i.e. Bole and Derrick)

You do not have to use the first names given in the Harry Potter video game. We do not consider them canon, so feel free to give those surname-only students whatever first name you choose!

Can I claim more than one prompt?

Yes. But ONLY after you've turned in your first one. Let's say you dash off a 1000-word drabble series quickly and want to try at another prompt. Submit your drabble series to us, we'll look it over and if there aren't any coding/SPaG issues, we'll give you the okay to claim another one. :)

My prompt requests fanart, but I've really got a good idea for a story. Can I write instead of draw? My prompt suggests Ron/Draco but my idea for it works so much better with Ron/Zacharias. Can I change the pairing?

Yes! Prompts are just that... suggestions, a starting off point. If you see a prompt that just sucker punches the muse, take it! However, if you decide to change the characters, please let the mods know-- and be sure that you are using two characters from different Hogwarts Houses. If you turn in a long, fantastic story in which you changed Harry/Cho to Harry/Hermione, we will not be able to accept it! (And NO ONE wants that! So please be cautious and communicate with the mods if you want to make major changes.)

Are betas required?

YES. In addition, we reserve the right to return stories for additional editing if they do not meet validation requirements.

What about characters who didn't attend Hogwarts? Where do they fit in?

In this particular fest, they don't. While your mods have some major love for non-Hogwarts alums (i.e. Ilvermorny, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang), we want to celebrate interhouse relations... and those who didn't attend Hogwarts don't quite work in the mix. However, you're more than welcome to have these characters be peripheral or a part of beta ships. They just can't play first fiddle.

How do I submit my entry?

Submission guidelines (including the header information) can be found here
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